Creativity drives 70% of an ads effectiveness, and INTIME’s integrated digital platform enables endless creative opportunities to engage audiences!

Brands and creative teams can now be more ambitious with presentation and execution of their messaging to audiences and all this can be done in a dynamic fashion. The combination of creativity with an awesome digital platform will enhance the audience’s consumption of ads as their view will be cinematic, inspirational and aspirational.

Enhanced customer experience

Our digital platform provides capabilities for a brands creative team to use to provide travelers with an unforgettable viewing experience.

The ads will be bright, crystal clear and broadcast in animated motion graphics with special effects.

All this is to imprint the brand awareness and recognition on passersby as they enjoy viewing the ads. Ads can be broadcast in static, subtle motion or full motion or a combination of the three depending on a company’s creative team.

Enhanced Interactivity

Due to its dynamic nature brands can use our platform to increase interaction with audience via promotional text codes; hash tags; online check ins; discount coupons etc. Streaming live data from customers social profiles is possible during product campaigns

Increased Brand Visibility, Notoriety & Recall

Our digital billboards are automatically illuminated, the ads are creative, colorful, crisp clear and can be cinematic. This leaves a lasting positive impression on viewers mind and mood. So that If at the time of purchase decision making, the brand is physically present, this recognition is important to sway the buying choice.

Real Time Data Integration

Using data from audience measurement, time of day, day of week, weather, social media and news feeds etc brands can plan and have tactical data driven campaigns broadcast in real time.

Affordable and Versatile

No production deployment costs, – no printing costs for any vinyl or other poster materials, no staff expenses for mounting ad etc

At the outset, our pilot network expects to have approximately 200,000 impacts daily or just about 6,000,000 impacts every month. INTIME STONE MEDIA promises to deliver the most robust, versatile and expertly managed advertising network in the region.

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