At INTIME, we understand that to brands, audiences are everything. Our first service thus, is to provide bespoke, intelligent and integrated advertising platform to connect brands to the breadth and depth of their desired audiences, as they live their lives.

We leverage new technology to offer incomparable impact and creativity to make OOH more relevant, responsive and rewarding.

We are front and center where it matters; busiest regional highway corridor, urban centers, almost 80% of all shopping malls, shopping centers in the countryside and of cause the busiest Ferry slip in the region.

Our Services

To complement our own in-house team, InTime has partnered with an international, award-winning and world renowned Digital OOH service team to deliver best in class client support, digital operations and campaign execution.

This partnership will allow us to redefine next level digital out-of-home excellence, and establish industry standards and operational excellence in Digital OOH in the region.

The result? We offer an unrivalled blue chip service to our advertising partners including:

Campaign Management

  • Client bookings and campaign scheduling
  • Content asset receipt and optimisation
  • Content archiving database

Intelligent Creativity

  • Real-time advertising capabilities
  • Data integrated campaign intelligence
  • Creative campaign development

Campaign Customisation

  • First, second and third party data integration
  • Custom client portals and user applications
  • Bespoke creative animation and content


Mobile Advertising

OOH combined with mobile advertising become the most effective way to personalize engagement with the brand via QR, Social codes, hash tags, raffles, coupons or clicking on a retargeted ad.

Automated Parking Network

Mostly covering the high traffic shopping malls and urban centers all over the country this platform offers a deeper and one on one connect with the audience and depending on brand creativity this audience can be quickly prompted to action or engagement with the brands message.

Digital Billboards

we champion the power of the largest digital canvases with highest resolution to drive Brand engagement, fame and trust.

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